"Hackspace Capital"

(“HACKSPACE”) is a fund based platform that finances innovative hardware startup teams with cutting edge products and technologies.

About Hackspace Capital

HACKSPACE is a platform established in 2017 for the purpose of investing in and developing the most promising early stage technology hardware and connected hardware startups. The founders of HACKSPACE have a vision of improving the world through engineering. HACKSPACE plans to expand beyond its initial product development/distribution platform to create a worldwide engineering ecosystem with hackerspaces and R&D centres to provide talented young inventors and entrepreneurs the ability to most quickly and efficiently turn their dreams into world changing products."

We are listed


1. Startup

Unfortunately, most good or even brilliant new ideas for hardware technology products fail long before they reach the market. It is extremely challenging for inexperienced startup teams to excel in the very specific manufacturing and business processes required to turn an idea into a product. Apart from equity capital, Hackspace provides startups with comprehensive support and facilities to guide a product from an initial concept to international sales.

2. EnCata design

HACKSPACE has formally partnered with EnCata (Engineering Catalyst) a world class one-stop innovative engineering development service. Encata provides the critical design engineering and prototyping work (along with consultancy on efficient materials lists and manufacturing techniques) to guide startups through the perilous path from proven idea to working prototype with full design and manufacturing documentation. Encata is a unique full service engineering catalyst which houses under one roof all the necessary components to create a market ready product - including a design office, project office, R&D facilities and an array of industrial machinery for prototype manufacturing.

3. EnCata Marketing

EnCata has a separate dedicated marketing company which provides comprehensive marketing services to HACKSPACE startups, including branding, development and execution of marketing campaigns, SMM, photo and video production, preparation and full accompaniment of crowdfunding campaigns on various platforms.One of the most improtant marketing researches conducted by EnCata Marketing department is the demand analysis by the means of Hackstarter - crowdfunding program of Hackspace Capital platform.

4. EnCata Manufacturing

HACKSPACE and EnCata MANUFACTURING company have also developed mass production solutions for clients via partnerships with quality producers in the most efficient global manufacturing centers. Hackspace Capital fully prepares, organizes, controls and conducts the process of manufacturing engineering at the stage of mass production.

5. International Sales

By placing products in the Store section and using other resources Hackspace Capital helps startups to enter the market, build sales and operations management, set up logistics and product sales world-wide.

6. Startup Conveyor

EnCata has referred to HACKSPACE 10 superior products with superior management teams. HACKSPACE has invested in one of these companies and is completing due diligence and preparing investment in five more. These projects are generally ‘connected hardware’ products, combining real world devices with sophisticated operational and community oriented software. (A brief description of the six active projects can be found in the section entitled “Active Projects.”)