HAC Token is listed on COINMARKETCAP!

We are happy to announce that HAC Token is now listed on one of the most influential Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Platforms - CoinMarketCap. Get comprehensive information on total HAC Token circulation, price, volume, supply, social media buzz, the exchanges on which the HAC Token is traded on. 

16 january 2018 year

Belarus becomes the first jurisdiction in the world with comprehensive legal regulation of businesses based on blockchain technology!

On December 22, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko signed a Decree on the development of the digital economy at the meeting with the representatives of Belarusian business. The purport of the Decree is focused on the development of cryptocurrency payment methods and blockchain technology. The document provides commercialization of cryptocurrencies and tokens based on blockchain technology. Operations with tokens are not identified as business activity, all the participants of transactions are supposed to be tax-exempt. Companies specialized in mining and other cryptocurrency activities can become residents of the High Technology Park and obtain benefits regardless of the actual location of their offices. IT specialists hired by HTP representatives will be able to get to Belarus without visas.
Belarus becomes the first jurisdiction in the world with comprehensive legal regulation of businesses based on blockchain technology.
Become a part of the blockchain-based engineering ecosystem with Hackspace Capital

28 december 2017 year

Hackspace Capital Mobile Application!

In order to make your communication with our platform convenient and safe we are happy to announce the upcoming release of Hackspace Capital Mobile Application. This is the most conducive way to be a part of HAC Token Sale Sessions and to be able to manage your HAC tokens in the safe and secure manner. As our ICO sessions are held daily, we would like to provide our users with instant access to Hackspace Capital account. Mobile app is a perfect solution for easy investing and token transfers.
The app will be available in January!

26 december 2017 year

Delegation of Kazakh Technology Park visited EnCata!

On December 21st a delegation of Kazakh Technology Park has visited EnCata Company - the main strategic partner of the Hackspace Capital investment fund. During the meeting, Oleg Kondrashov, the CTO of Hackspace Capital has conducted a tour around the manufacturing area for the representatives of Kazakh business. As a part of experience exchange program, Kazakh delegation was formed with not only specialists of hardware development field but also the representatives of software industry (such as Zero to One Labs, Smart Satu and Wooppay). There has been a lot of discussions regarding the cooperation of different businesses within the Hackspace Capital platform and implementation of its expertise.

26 december 2017 year

HAC Token Sale is Now Live!

We are happy to announce that our second 24h HAC Token Sale is Now Live. We are always available for you at and in our telegram chat. 

21 december 2017 year

Redder - a new member of Hackstarter platform!

Please welcome a new member of Hackstarter platform - Redder. A convenient hardware cryptocurrency wallet built in the phone case. With Redder you will be able to control your coins, conduct transfers and manage your balance. Redder supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 Tokens. This device will keep your coins safe and make crypto transfers easier than it was before. Pre-orders can be placed at

19 december 2017 year
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