How do you secure the tokens?

The token is issued on the Etherum platform (ERC20 standard) which is considered to be hacker-resistant. HAC tokens are thus as secure as etherum itself.

Do you accept cooperation proposals?

Please send all your cooperation proposals to idea@hackspace.capital and we’ll consider it.

How do I register an account?

To sign up please go to the registration page. Provide your e-mail address, create password and confirm your agreement with White Paper and Privacy Policy. (Also, please confirm that you are not a US citizen, green card holder or US tax resident ) Then you will recieve a confirmation link on the provided e-mail address.

How can I use the HAC after the TOKEN SALE?

HAC TOKENs will be entitled to exchange for any products and services offered by HACKSPACE (Hackspace Capital) platform, including product and services of the partner companies. One can freely trade HAC Tokens for any fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies at any available liquid exhange.

Will there be an additional issue of tokens?

The total emission of HAC tokens equals 1 000 000 000 with no further additional emission.

How many tokens are issued during the TOKEN SALE?

The total authorization of HAC tokens equals 1 000 000 000. 255 000 000 HAC tokens was distributed to the public during the first stage. 510 000 000 HAC tokens will be distributed to the public in total. 1 000 000 HAC tokens will be distributed during each of the following 255 Token Sale sessions.

How can I make a purchase in crypto-currency?

Note that investment can be made in ETH directly. To make a transaction it is necessary to specify the recommended commission rate (as a rule, it is done before making a transaction). Contact the customer support of your wallet to find out the recommended commission rate. Please note that you’ll have 24 hours to complete the transaction. For customers who have no ETH wallet, we’ve enabled Shapeshift.io server. It’ll exchange your crypto-currency to Etherum. Please note that the server also charges a commission for exchange. The rate depends on the exchanged amount. When the transaction reaches the necessary number of blocks for confirmation, you order will be confirmed and the status of your transaction in the account will change to “successful”.

How can I make a wire transfer in USD

Buyers can use wire transfer as a means of investment. Note that the amount of minimal investment is 1000$. Be aware that a wire transfer may take several days. Investments made via wire transfer will be converted to ETH at a fixed rate in effect on the date of TOKEN SALE. If for some reason a wire transfer is made after tokens distribution, this amount will be included in the next stage of HAC tokens distribution. If you have any questions, please, contact support@hackspace.capital or sale@hackspace.capital

What is a referral program?

Referral program is a way of receiving a 5% bonus of HAC tokens. In his account, a user can generate a referral link to register in Hackspace Capital project. This link may be sent to friends and relatives. If someone uses this link to register and invests in the project – the sender of the link will receive a 5% HAC tokens bonus of the invested amount.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is 0.05 ETH

Investments less than 0.05 ETH cannot be refunded

How to invest?

The following payment methods may be applied:· via ETH wallet transfer (min. amount is 0.05 ETH )· via ShapeShift server for crypto-currency exchange (min. amount is 0.05 ETH)· via wire transfer in USD (min amount is 1000$) or by using Visa/Mastercard 

Which legal entity is making the the Token Sale?

HACSP CAPITAL LTD 372187 Limited Company Address: 16 Pentelis str. Nicosia 2401 Cyprus

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